Tips on how to keep hold of your most valuable resource!

Staff retention can be a major issue affecting business growth, particularly in what is a highly competitive candidate market at present. A settled team is what is needed to breed success and ensure progression for everyone.

  • Pay them to keep them – if you have certain members of staff who are worth their weight in gold pay them what they deserve.  Just remember there is no shortage of jobs out there!
  • Show a little appreciation now and again – 2 little words which can make someone feel appreciated and can motivate them – Thank you! Staff must earn this through their hard work but if they feel appreciated and valued they will feel secure and won’t look elsewhere.
  • Ensure staff has the correct work/life balance – if staff are doing excess hours find out why.  Do they have too much to do?  Is there a problem that needs addressed? 
  • Make room for them to grow and learn – give staff the option to go on relevant training courses, what they learn can also benefit your business.  Meet with staff members and let them know what your development plans are for them.  Spending a little time with your staff shows appreciation and makes them feel valued.
  • Challenge your staff – staff can become bored when doing the same thing day in day out – challenge them, give them something new to do.  Once staff get ‘itchy’ feet it’s hard to keep hold of them
  • Have a positive work environment for your staff – get out there and know what’s going on and if you sense any negativity get rid of it!  Keep in regular contact with your team, meet up with them once a week, tell them what’s happening and where they fit in.  Once a negative culture sets in, it can create a toxic environment.  Nip it in the bud immediately, find the root cause and deal with it.
  • Give clear and precise job requirements and expectations – let each staff member know what their job is.  Unfortunately at times this is not made clear and people very quickly move on.
  • Train your staff – This is where many companies fall down – new members of staff are not trained at what they have to do.  If you have a high staff turnover rate this is one area I would be looking closely at.  Implement a mentoring and development culture.
  • Communication – it has been mentioned in some of the previous points.  Sadly communication with each other is becoming harder for many reasons.  You must communicate with your staff.  Don’t make someone else do it, get out there and do it yourself!  Have an informal weekly gathering in an office, organise breakfast once per week, have a Pizza Friday, organise a family Christmas event or a summer BBQ. These are only a few ideas of how to encourage staff to talk! 

These are only some points, which we hope you have enjoyed reading.  If you agree or disagree with any of the points or if you feel there should be other points that need added to the list please let us know!  You can let us know at

Thanks for reading!

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