We spend 1/3 of our lives at work, that equates to around 90000 hours!!! Its therefore important to be happy in work!!!

Read on to see if any of the below points have you thinking?

1.Just thinking about your job makes you feel miserable – If you can’t sleep and dread going to work then it’s time to look for a new challenge.  You devote 40 hours plus per week to your job so you need to enjoy what you do.

2.Your personal life is suffering – Maybe your working too many hours or work is constantly interfering with your family life.  Family life is precious and when your job crosses that line it’s time to move on.  Click on the link to see current positions www.employmint.co.uk

3.There’s no room to progress your career – If you can’t move up the ladder the maybe it’s time to look elsewhere.  After all progression means further challenges and more money.

4.You feel you are not earning enough – yes money is one the biggest motivators even though your boss tells you otherwise!  If you put in the hours and take on extra responsibilities then your pay should reflect this.  If not it’s time to move on!

5.There’s no opportunity to learn – It’s always vital to learn new skills.  By continuing to learn new skills you increase your value to your organisation and yourself.  If you need to learn new things outside your company for yourself then maybe these new skills can help you look for other opportunities.

6.Your health is suffering – if you feel stressed or unwell because of your job then it’s time to go.  Look for something else, your health is your wealth!  Life is short enough, it’s time to learn how to enjoy it.

7.Your passion for what you do has gone – passion is your drive, your motivator, what makes you great at what you do.  If this has gone then maybe it’s time to reassess what you are doing!

8.You are always bored at work – if you feel that your job is killing your brain and you are struggling to put the day in then it’s time to go.  You need a challenge!

9.You don’t see your future in your role – don’t prolong the agony and become unhappy look for something that’s going to make you happy

10.You don’t get on with your boss – if you can’t work with your boss or you find them unapproachable or feel uneasy in their presence then you should seriously consider moving somewhere that you will feel appreciated.

Do you have any other points which would make you consider moving jobs?  We’d love to hear what you have to say!

As the famous saying goes, Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life (Confucius)

If you are currently looking for new jobs and need assistance please contact Judith on judith@employmint.co.uk.

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