What are your weaknesses?

Here is the one question that could ruin the whole interview!  You are on fire, you’ve made a fantastic impression so far and here it is, ‘What are your weaknesses?’  How do you talk about your bad points?  How do make an interviewer sit up and listen and want to give you the job?

Below are the worst possible answers any interviewer wants to hear:

  1. I’m a workaholic – Yes, really, we’ve heard this in every interview, we’ve just had the most prolific and perfect possible future employees who never want to go home! Mmmmm I don’t think so!
  2. I struggle to say no – An employer needs an assertive employee
  3. I don’t have any! – Everyone has both strong skill sets and areas where tasks may need some improvement

The ideal answer will demonstrate your ability to overcome your weakness. We are going to give you two examples of what you could say!

  • I get impatient when working in a team.  I’ve always been very self sufficient and find it hard to rely on other people.  However, I have realised that this is a weakness and that teamwork is vital to any organisation.  I have enlisted on a team building course and have also started to work in project teams in my current role.
  • I have had issues delegating tasks out to other team members.  I’m a very self motivated person who likes to ensure jobs are done correctly by me.  However, again I’ve realised that this is a weakness.  It’s critical that I’ve learned to delegate tasks to other team members.  I’ve had to learn to manage this; once a task has been delegated to a team member a completion time is agreed.

You can use the ‘weaknesses’ question as an opportunity to highlight your strengths!

Another example may be “My Excel knowledge was rather basic so I took a 2 day intense course and I am now an Advanced level user of Microsoft Excel. I can bring these fresh skills and knowledge to your organisation.

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Hope this helps a little!

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