Work it!

How to ace that first week in your new job.



1. Tick Tock…watch the clock!
It’s really, really simple…be on time! Show yourself to be that exact same responsible and enthusiastic person from the interview. Nothing says disrespectful quite like being late.

2. Dress to impress.
It’s always important to look the part. Overdress a little bit in the beginning but keep in mind company culture. If you don’t know what the dress code is…ask!

3. Listen, listen, listen
In your first week you will be overloaded with new information, names and numbers. Take notes as you go along and follow up with any questions you may have.

4. Ask, ask, ask

Is there anything you missed or something that didn’t make sense…now’s the time to ask. In those first few weeks your co-workers and manager will very open to inquiries. Better to ask now than a few months down the line. Asking questions will also show your enthusiasm, and interest in the job.

5. Know your job to get results
Do you know exactly what is expected of you? If you don’t, then this is what the first week is for. Sit down with your boss, go over your job description, and work out everything that’s unclear. You’ll find that it’ll make your work a lot easier, and your boss will be impressed with your proactive attitude.

6. Figure out your neighbourhood
Part of settling in to your new job is getting to know the neighbourhood. Where’s good for lunch? Where’s the post office, the bank and shops to get something for dinner on the way home? Knowing these things will make your life a whole lot easier.

7. Leave your personal life at home
It’s crucial to make a good first impression, you’ll only get the one chance. No matter how much you want to want to respond to those Whatsapp messages and the texts from your mum asking about your day…don’t do it! Keep it for break time!

8. Say “Hi, nice to meet you!” loudly and proudly
In that first day you’ll be introduced to a lot people and it’s natural to feel a little shy in those first few days. Smile and put your best foot forward…try hard to remember their names!

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