5 C.V. Don’ts

We all spend a lot of time thinking about what an employer wants to see on our C.V.’s and give very little thought to what we need to avoid. And so for a useful change…here is a list of C.V. DON’TS.

1. Avoid complication – keep it simple

A recruiter or employer will have to go through a lot of CV’s to sift out the right candidate. Those C.V.’s that are busy and hard to read can irritate and frustrate the person who trying to find key information. Avoid fancy fonts, colour, underlining, tables, photos and unconventional formatting. You may think you’re helping your chances of being spotted in crowd but the affect will be quite the opposite.

Also – keep the C.V. as short as possible avoiding excess information. For example personal details, too much detail on hobbies and interests and social activities. Your C.V. must be easy to read. You should not expect someone to wade through lots of text to find the information they need.

2. Avoid clich├ęs – tell your own story

Everyone thinks an employer wants to hear about the ‘excellent team player’ you are how you ‘work well as part of a team’ and have ‘highly effective communication skills’. Whilst all of these attributes are highly commendable and valued by an employer – put it in your own words. Talk about your own experiences and how you can utilise your own skills in the work place. Be descriptive, through reading your C.V. the employer must be able to visualise you doing your job.

3. Avoid embellishments – tell the truth!

Sometimes people can be tempted to embellish on reality. Rounding off the edges to make things seem a little better that them actually are. Lying on your C.V. is fraudulent and could get you into some serious trouble not to mention ending up with a whole lot of egg on your face! And of course if you get found out its’ ‘bye bye job offer’! Here are 5 of the most common lies people tell on their C.V.’s

1. Up selling education attainment
2. Exaggerating job title and duties
3. Changing dates of employment
4. Lying about who they’ve worked for
5. Making up references

4. Avoid C.V. mass production – tailor your C.V.

It is so easy to apply for jobs via websites these days that it can make us a little complacent. Don’t be tempted to just click ‘send’ when applying for jobs. Make your C.V. fits the job and is therefore fit for purpose. Read job descriptions carefully using their language when describing your experience. Read the mission statement, company goals etc. getting a feel for their culture and think how your C.V. can put you in their light.

5. Avoid Embarrassment – do not use a personal email

It is important that your be professional throughout your application. Employers are not interested in the funny side of your personality during the recruitment process. So that 10 (and change) year old email address that more than adequately reflected your teenage self as funky_bunnykins@domain.com or mines_a cider_and_black@domain.com is not a side of yourself that you want to reveal right now, if indeed ever! Always put that professional foot forward and keep on marching.

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