Personal values that employers look for in employees

Finding a job nowadays is not easy. The competition is fierce. Employers see this and have realised that in order to get the right candidates to fit their business they must look for more than just professional achievements.

It is important for candidates to understand exactly what employers are looking for when applying for jobs, to enable them to best showcase their abilities to set them apart from the other candidates.

Employers want employees who have personal values and characteristics that will help their business. Personal traits and skills that spell success.

We have listed just some of the important personal values that employers look for in employees below and how you can best present them.

  1. Communication

One of the most important skills is good communication skills. It is extremely important to know how to talk, listen and network with other people.

You can highlight your communication skills during job interviews by listening to the questions, answering clearly and being pleasant and well-mannered throughout.

  1. Honesty

Good relationships are built on trust. Candidates who are honest and have strong moral principles are valued by employers. Make sure that you respond to the questions asked at interviews honestly.

  1. Reliability

Employers value employees who come to work on time, complete all work tasks, and take responsibility for their actions. Show your promptness by arriving to interviews on time and share examples of your strong work ethic and sense of responsibility.

  1. Adaptability

With so much change going on in the work environment, with GDPR and technological advancements, employers want people who are adaptable to these changes; people who can multi task and work well under pressure.

You can highlight your adaptability by showing your openness to change. Highlight examples of when you’ve succeeded at work by stepping out of your comfort zone.

  1. Positive attitude

Employers want employees who have a positive attitude. Those who are enthusiastic, motivated and willing to learn. You can portray this by showing up on time for interviews, being happy and upbeat throughout.

  1. Commitment

The competition to retain talent is high. Therefore, you must be able to show your loyalty and commitment. You can do this by presenting your passion and willingness to build a career with the company.

To sum up remember this – “actions speak louder than words!” Work on your personal values and success will follow.


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