Do you want to make a difference and get ahead in your career? Would you like to feel that work is a better place because of you? Then read positive ways that we think make a difference at work.

  1. Be a positive influencer

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Network at work and build relationships. Have belief in yourself, your ideas and work. Share your knowledge openly in the workplace. This will have a positive impact and help build trust with fellow workmates and ultimately you will learn from them as well.

Keep this in mind – “the more you give, the more you get.”

  1. Work Smarter, Not Harder

A major problem for most people is having too much work and not enough time to do it. As a result, they constantly feel like they are lagging. The answer isn’t to work longer but work smarter. Working long hours are sure to burn anyone out, even you do love your job.

The key is to become more effective at work by focusing on what really matters, prioritising your workload and getting the most important stuff done first.

Use Parkinson’s Law to Your Advantage – the more time you have to complete a task, the longer it will take to actually complete the task.

Schedule your work and give everything a deadline —no matter how small. By doing this you will instantly free up time for other things.

Watch this short video on productivity hacks – here

  1. Stay focussed

Part of working smarter is to work with more energy and focus. Don’t let yourself get so lost in day-to-day mishaps, that you lose sight of the bigger picture. Always look for ways to be proactively positive and realise you are not perfect. Be open to learn and experience new things in the workplace. Have patience, focus and dedication and success will follow. 

   4. Go the extra mile.

Always put your heart and soul into everything you do at work. Do your job and do it well. But go further than that by being more helpful and supportive. You will soon find yourself standing out–and work colleague will have a lot of respect for you.

The more you focus on making a difference, the more opportunities you will recognise, and the more gates will be opened to experience in your work.

Finally remember this – ‘Better never quits’ ~ Rory McIrloy

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