In today’s competitive job market, it is very important to have an up to date CV. It will keep you relevant, active and able to move quickly when you see a relevant job advertised. Getting into the habit of regularly reviewing and updating your CV will help ensure you are ready.

In terms of refreshing your CV, it’s not just the content that needs updating but the look and feel of it, to ensure you stand out from everyone else.

Here are 6 ways to refresh your CV and improve your chances of application success.

   1. Improve the appearance

The way you format your CV has a big impact on whether you are successful in your job search or not. Before an employer has even begun to read the content of your CV they will have formed an impression of you based on the appearance of your CV.

You can quickly improve the look of your CV by shortening paragraphs, adding headings and using bullet points. Avoid cluttering your CV with too much unnecessary information but rather include the most relevant and start with the most important. Aim to give your CV a clean and modern look.

Check out some sample CV templates here.

   2. Keep your personal details short and sweet

The only personal details that you need at the top of your CV are your name, professional title, phone number and email address. Other details, such as your full address and date of birth, your marital status etc aren’t necessary.  You can include a link to your LinkedIn profile as well.

  3. Personal Profile 

One of the most important aspects of your CV is your personal Profile. This should be a short paragraph, around 4 or 5 sentences underneath your personal details. This will give prospective employers and overview of who you are. A personal profile should be tailored to the job you are applying for – make it unique!
   4. Keep your experience relevant

Highlight tasks and responsibilities within your previous roles that show your skills and strengths relevant to the role to which you are applying. List your experience in reverse chronological order keeping your most recent role first. It is ideal to keep your CV to 2 pages.

   5. Add in Accomplishments

When refreshing your CV add in any accomplishments, training or qualifications gained, and/or awards that you have received or volunteering work you have done. These additions can give your CV more credibility and help you advance in your career.

   6. Proofread!

We cannot stress enough the importance of proofreading. Ensure you go through your CV with a fine-tooth cone once you are done. Check spelling, grammar, and formatting. If possible, get someone to proofread and give feedback on how you can further improve it.

Taking the time to refresh your CV will result in better chances of getting the job. Get started today!

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