Do you find yourself dreading work every day? Do you get that anxious feeling when you wake up every morning? Are you getting bored of your work? These are typical warning flags that it is time for a career change.

In some cases, you may not be aware that you need a change. You may be just set in your ways and think that because you have always had that job you can’t do anything else. That’s not true. We can all make a change if we want to. The key is knowing that you want to move on and then finding out how to go about it.

To ensure you’re making the right decision, here’s three signs that it’s time for a career change…

  1. Not being challenged

When you have worked somewhere for a long time you might find yourself doing the same tasks over and over again. This can sometimes feel very unfulfilling.

If you’re feeling unfulfilled, bored and not challenged at work, despite having approached your manager and knowing there are no opportunities in your work, it might be time to move on and make a career change.

  1. Stressed and Unhappy

Everyone has bad days, but when those bad days start to outnumber the good days at work, and your stressed and unhappy, it is time to find a career that makes you feel happy again.

  1. No work-life balance.

Does it feel like you spend every minute working, thinking or talking about work? The chances are you’re too consumed by your job. As important as your professional life is, it’s is so important that you have a balance. You need to be able to switch-off. If you’re finding you can’t, then maybe it’s time to think about looking for a new job.

Before you decide to make the jump and start looking for a new job or career, ensure you’re clear in your own mind why you want to move on and what key things you want from a new job. Once you know what and where you want to be, the better the opportunity to reach your goal.

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