Finding the right talent for your company is one of the most important decisions you will make.  It will have an impact on the culture and success of  your business.  Recruiting badly will cost your business thousands of pounds and recruiting well will save even more.

With that in mind, the next time you need to recruit someone, step back and review your process to make sure you’re avoiding these five common recruiting mistakes.

  1. Trusting first impressions

While first impressions can be a positive thing at times, it would be a mistake to rely on it. Many people are very good at interviews and can come across as confident, and well-informed, but may not really line up with job requirements.  You need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Stick to the facts and figures and trust the hiring process.

  1. No proper Job description

One of the most common mistakes a small business owner can make when hiring a new employee is not having a proper job description in place for the position first.

Defining the role you’re recruiting for and putting together a clear job description gives potential candidates a realistic picture of what will be expected of them so that they can decide if the role is right.

It sets new employees up for success and is a fundamental stage of recruitment and building a successful business.

  1. Panic hiring

Your best employee has just handed in their notice. You freak out and go into panic mode to get them replaced NOW so that a handover can be done before she/he leaves.

Panicking into recruiting without giving the candidates proper consideration can result in hiring the wrong employee and having to go through the whole process over again.


  1. Waiting for “The One’

Just like panic hiring the wrong candidate can be detrimental to a business, waiting to find ‘the one’ can be just as bad.

No one is perfect, so rarely will there be a perfect fit for your position; so get that notion out of your head and focus on finding a good fit.

  1. Not getting References

Reference checking is one of the most important stages in the recruitment process. Don’t skip it. If you do, you could be in for a nasty surprise.

Not taking the time to check references leaves you entirely reliant on the candidate’s view of themselves, which can be completely distorted. You could find yourself re-recruiting for the very same role in just a few weeks or months. So, it’s worth checking the references – and checking them well.

Need Help Hiring?

Of course, getting professional help is also a good way to avoid getting into these situations. Using a recruitment consultant cuts down on the chance these types of issues will occur. Contact Judith at Employmint to find out how she can help you improve your hiring process.

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