For most people, juggling the demands of work and personal life is an ongoing challenge. Many people are so busy making a living that they have no time to make a life.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy work-life balance requires separating your personal and professional lives without allowing one to interfere upon the other. Both are equally important, so neither should be neglected.

The first step to successfully achieving a healthy work/life balance is to take the time to think about the things that keep your mind and body healthy including your work, health, exercise, family, rest and sleep.

Try out these tips to help you achieve a healthy work life balance:

  1. Manage your time

Good time management is the key to achieving a work/life balance. If you’re able to manage your time, you’ll be better able to work productively.

It’s important to take proper breaks at work and refuel. You’ll find yourself more motivated with work when you do.

  1. Prioritize your day

Keep a daily to-do list at home and at work. Having a plan will help you maintain focus.

  1. Learn to Say “No.”

Don’t try and be all things to all people. Your time is very precious, so you need to decide what is important and where you want to spend your time. Have the confidence to live life on your own terms and say yes only to the things that are important to you. For everything else, start saying no and outsource to others.

When you start saying no to things, you will become more focused and equipped to perform better at the things you have said Yes to.

  1. Turn off technology

We advise taking technology breaks. By this we mean turning off your smartphone – not just on silent – OFF completely! This will help you be more focused during your productive periods.

  1. Take some ‘Me’ time

Set aside time every day to do something you enjoy. This can be anything from reading a book, doing exercise, taking a long bath or having coffee with a friend.

When work is demanding a lot of your energy, time out will reduce stress and anxiety and help you to recharge. It will also help you to switch off from work and focus on you, your friends and family.

Creating work-life balance is a continuous process as your family, interests and work life change. Continually examine your priorities and make changes, if necessary, to make sure you’re keeping on track.

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