If you aren’t building your personal brand on LinkedIn, you are likely missing many opportunities. Building a strong personal brand can deliver great results. It can help you build a professional presence that showcases your work to the people you most want to connect with.

LinkedIn connections really can lead to job offers and other great opportunities, and it starts with presenting yourself the way that shapes how other people view you.

Here are six important things that you can do to optimise your LinkedIn to build your personal brand.

1. Include your Profile photo

According to the 2016 LinkedIn survey, your LinkedIn profile is 21 times more likely to be viewed if it has a LinkedIn photograph. Therefore, it is critical to include a photograph in which you look both professional and approachable. (Make sure that you choose a square profile picture with 400 x 400 pixels, that contains the file size up to the 10 MB.)

2. Perfect Your profile

Your LinkedIn profile needs to be flawless. That means no spelling or grammatical errors and it should be filled out completely, leaving no experience or details out.

3. Headline your profile

Your LinkedIn headline is the first description that people will see. Make it count.
The profile headline is, by default, the user’s current position as listed in the employment history section, but it can be edited to highlight your specific details, accomplishments, or skills.
By doing this you will be able to stress the main selling points of your personal brand – highlighting impressive qualities and responsibilities. Make sure to include keywords that convey your value.
(Profile view – click on the headline – When the window pops up, rewrite the headline.)

4. Keep your profile up to date

Recognize that building an online presence doesn’t just require you to create a profile, you must also actively manage, maintain, and grow your online presence. Just like your CV, it’s important to keep your LinkedIn profile updated with your current position, description of responsibilities, and any professional recognitions.

5. Be visible

Update your status with projects you’re working on and events you’re attending. Your brand is not just who you are; it’s what you do.

6. Make new connections

LinkedIn is a powerful social network that has unlimited potential to make new connections and expand your professional reach. By building your LinkedIn network, you’re building your personal brand.
Connect with colleagues, former colleagues, friends, classmates, industry leaders and other professionals. Don’t be shy about asking your contacts for introductions to people in their networks.

The time you invest in updating your LinkedIn profile is time well-spent. If you adapt the above tips, you’ll be well on your way to connecting with other engaged professionals looking to interact and swap ideas.
If you still haven’t created a profile on LinkedIn, then start building one now to optimise your personal brand – Click here.

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