For many jobseekers, your CV is the first point of contact with a potential employer. Therefore, it is the first opportunity to sell yourself and get noticed. Recruiters spend on average only 6 seconds looking at a CV. This is scary for jobseekers, but you forget that recruiters have very trained eyes and know exactly what they are looking for. Therefore, first impressions are critical to success. Make sure your CV is up to scratch to create an impression.

Here are five quick changes you can make to boost your CV and give it a fresh new look.

1. Include a personal statement –  A well-written personal statement at the start can be extremely effective if you get it right. Keep it short and sweet. Highlight your level of experience, strongest skills and the personal and professional qualities that make you right for the job.

2. Focus on work accomplishments, not job duties –Work accomplishments are the best way to showcase the amazing things you’ve done at your past jobs, plus show prospective employers what you can do for them.

Using power words will emphasize your accomplishments and give your CV additional impact. Include words such as ‘adaptable’ and achieved’ and follow up with impressive outcomes which demonstrate what you have delivered.

3. Shorten it – As a rule, your CV shouldn’t be longer than two pages max. Shorten your CV to focus on the recent roles you’ve had. Mentioning earlier positions in your career history only requires a couple of bullet points for each position.

Remember you don’t have to detail every qualification and piece of work experience – if you have a degree or higher, the grades you got for GCSE are probably not too important, so just list the number of passes and subjects.

4. Make it Readable – The presentation of your CV is as important as its content. Avoid fussy fonts like Times New Roman. Use a simple, clean font like Arial or Helvetica to make it easy to read. Font size should never go below 10 points.

Try to space your CV out evenly and fragment long paragraphs. Better still use bullet points instead of paragraphs. It’s just easier to read.

5. Proofread – Before you send your CV off, ensure that your grammar is correct and that it is free from errors. One spelling or grammar mistake and your CV will be chucked in the bin.

If possible, get someone to proofread your CV and give feedback on how you can further improve it.

Taking the time to improve your CV will result in better chances of getting the job. Get started today!

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